Parma, Italy, halfway between Bologna and Milan, has a glorious history that traces back to the Etruscans. Perhaps best known for its splendid architecture and its foods (especially the incomparable parmigiana reggiano cheeses and its prosciutto di Parma), the region is also a centre of art and music, higher learning, and glassmaking, foremost the world’s leading glassware manufacturer, Luigi Bormioli. The company was founded in 1946 by Mr. Luigi Bormioli, who led it to international prominence. The Bormioli family continues his mission: a commitment to great design, traditional Italian craftsmanship and new-age glassmaking technology to create beautiful glassware of the highest quality. Luigi Bormioli rivals fine crystal in appearance and elegance, but is lead-free, affordably priced and widely available.

At Pyrex, we love to cook. We have a passsion for ingredients. Borosilicate glass, silicon, ceramic, vitro-ceramic, aluminium, stainless steel, cast iron. No one else knows how to prepare them like we do. We’re obsessed with thermal shock resistance and durability.

We always keep pushing the limits. Fire and Ice. From freezer to oven to fridge and back. This took us to where we are today, in every kitchen around the world. Generation after generation. We will never let you down. So don’t be afraid, unleash your thirst for creation.

In an effort to deliver the best possible service to our customers, we have partnered with Value Logistics to handle our warehousing and logistics throughout our market. This gives us access to their state of the art systems and services

NoStik is our new exciting TEFLON coated baking, frying, crisping, protecting, cleaning, braaing, toasting ,roasting, steaming and grilling range, of sheets, shelves, trays and bags.

NoStik promotes:

  • Fat free cooking
  • Reusabality
  • Environmentally friendly