Parma, Italy, halfway between Bologna and Milan, has a glorious history that traces back to the Etruscans. Perhaps best known for its splendid architecture and its foods (especially the incomparable parmigiano reggiano cheeses and its prosciutto di Parma),the region is also a center of art and music, higher learning, and glass-making, foremost the world’s leading glassware manufacturer, Luigi Bormioli.

The company was founded in 1946 by Mr. Luigi Bormioli, who led it to international prominence. The Bormioli family continues his mission: a commitment to great design,traditional Italian craftsmanship and new-age glass-making technology to create beautiful glassware of the highest quality. Luigi Bormioli rivals fine crystal in appearance and elegance,but is lead-free, affordably priced and widely available.

ANTI-DRIP coating


A revolutionary treatment that prevents dripping:

  • No more drops of wine staining the exterior of the carafe or decanter nor the table cloth.
  • The wine flows out with no friction and it pours perfectly into the stemglasses.
  •  The drops of wine are kept inside the container.

The special Anti-Drip coating is carried out on the glass surface using a high technology process.

Glass Treatments


Luig Bormioli’s Titanium reinforced treatment is the most reliable,as it:

  • Guarantees the stems’ resistance to breakages even after multiple industrial washing cycles.
  • Glass sparkle and transparency is maintained.
  • Avoids any glass discoloration.

Some FOLLOWERS, trying to imitate, use treatments that disappear after some industrial washing cycles also leaving on the glass unwanted optical effects, such as iridescence, and stems with reduced resistance to breakages.

!ta sON.h


Developed and registered by Bormioli Luigi.
A high-tech blown lead-free crystal glass that does not contain any heavy metals. This glass presents outstanding chemical, optical and mechanical properties.

  • Totally transparent: ultra clear crystal glass according to ISO/PAS IWA 8:2009.
  • Resistance of the rim +37.5%.
  • Resistance to impact test +105% High resistance to breakages.
  • Resistance to twisting of stems {drying by hand) +98%.
  •  Resistance to washing cycles 4.000.
  • No alteration in transparency and brilliance over 4.000 industrial washing cycles.
  • Sound amplifier.


This new material has an extremely low  iron content so that it does not interfere with both the transparency and the colorimeteric purity of glass. Furthermore, sparkx is lead and other heavy metal free. Sparkx is classified Ultra Clear according to ISO/PAS IWA 8:2009

High-Tech blown lead free crystal glass break resistant and dishwasher safe

Ultra Clear and durable Glass according to ISO/PAS IWA 8:2009 lead and heavy metal free.

Permanent anti-abrasion treatment applied directly to the glass’ stems to increase resistance to breakages.

Revolutionary treatment that prevents dripping.

Mouth-blown,hand made products exclusive to Luigi Bormioli.

lstituto Eccellenze  ltaliane Certificate is an association of companies whose aim is to identify,codify and sensorially certify the excellence of Made in Italy.

Products tested by Centro StudiAssaggiatori Italiano.

Special treatment and/or accentuated epicure (indentation) create extra persistent flow of bubbles.

For information visit our website www.bormioliluigi.com and click on “25Year Guarantee”  .

Items available with specific gauge mark.

Mass coloured glass, permanent,suitable for food contact and dishwasher safe.